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Teens are getting tattoos and piercings at an alarming rate. Officials across the country are slowly realizing the impact, from a health and social standpoint, of getting poorly-thought-through tattoos and piercings.  Research data has shown that the most regretted and hated tattoo is one that was obtained before the age of 18. Common sense suggests this to be true and researchers (and tattoo removal specialists) have all confirmed it.

Explaining this to a persistent 16 year old teenager is an entirely different story! They’re different, they’re smarter, they’re ‘more sure’ they want a tattoo.  Our suggestions otherwise fall on deaf ears. The solution?? Let them do their own research using an independent source. “Teens Tattoos & Piercings” is the answer.  Written for early teens, the book reviews the history of tattoos, their motivations to get one, peer pressure, possible outcomes, and more. Once they have been given all of the information they need, a sound decision will usually follow.

Schools systems are adding this health education supplement to their health curriculum so that their students are armed with the information they need to make a more informed decision as it relates to tattoos and piercings. Add your classroom (or school system) to the ever growing list!

Below are a list of links to articles related to teens and tattoos.  

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