Dr. Greg HallGregory L Hall, MD, is a primary care physician practicing in Cleveland, Ohio for the past 20 years. He has lectured on various topics ranging from hypertension to alternative medicine, but his latest passion is to improve the general public’s knowledge about the societal, health, and psychological impact of permanent body art.

“There is NOTHING wrong with getting body art, the problem is teens getting poorly-thought-through body art without fully understanding the short and long-term consequences.”  

Dr. Hall’s mission is merely to increase the public’s awareness of these smoldering issues. “Teens, Tattoos, & Piercings” has been recognized on the national level by the National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and by the Ohio Department of Youth Services. 

After graduation from Williams College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he attended the Medical College of Ohio, and completed residency in Internal Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Dr. Hall is one of five board members on the Cuyahoga County Board of Health which serves over 850,000 residents in 57 Greater Cleveland communities.ccbh The board oversees multiple health promotion activities throughout the largest county in Ohio including emergency preparedness, food protection, beaches and pools, vaccinations, school heath, screening, and much more.

Dr. Hall was elected Chairman of the Ohio Commission on Minority Health in September of 2012. The commission, which was the first to address health disparities in the country, has served as a template for disparity commissions across the nation. OCMHAfter the formation of the Ohio Commission on Minority Health in 1987, there are now 47 other state offices of Minority Health. As the chair of this prestigious governor-appointed commission, Dr. Hall and the other appointed members meet bimonthly to fight health disparities by providing grants to organizations that design culturally specific, non-traditional demonstration projects to meet the health needs of Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos and Native Americans.

Dr. Hall also serves on the Ohio Medicaid Medical Care Advisory Committee that advises the Ohio Medicaid leadership regarding issues and advances with Ohio’s public healthcare program.

svcmcFor over ten years, Dr. Hall has served as Medical Director of Community Outreach for St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. In this capacity, he works with community partners with the goal of improving the communication of medical care partners in the community, and helping patients navigate fluidly both to and from the hospital.

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