Laser with screenTattoo Removal: Getting a tattoo removed is not easy or fun, but it is do-able.

There are a number of ways to attempt to remove a tattoo, in all cases the process is painful, possibly scarring, and requires multiple treatments.  Here is a short list:

  • Laser Removal  (burn it off)
  • Chemical (burn it off)
  • Abrasion (sand it off)
  • Excision (cut it out)
  • Variot Tattoo Removal  (tattoo it off with chemicals)
  • Bleaching/Fading Creams (many can cause cancer)

People are almost universally disappointed with the tattoo removal process, and final outcome. “Good healers” obviously do better than slow healers, and the younger the age of the person, the better.

Professionally done tattoos are harder to remove than ones gotten in the community, at tattoo parties, or in prison. Newer tattoos are easier to remove than older ones. Most dermatologists prefer laser tattoo treatments because of the decreased risk of scarring, but there are limitations.

Some tattoo ink colors are harder to remove than others. Black and red tend to be easier to remove, whereas blue and yellow tend to be more difficult to eradicate.

A recent study showed that less than half of the people getting laser tattoo treatments had their tattoo completely removed after 10 sessions.

“Teens, Tattoos, & Piercings” has an entire chapter on tattoo removal.

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