Teen Gauging:
The latest piercing craze is gauging, a process where a pierced hole is progressively stretched to accommodate larger jewelry.

Teenagers across the nation have begun this earlobe stretching fad where a standard earlobe piercing is dilated with larger and larger jewelry (gauges) ultimately resulting in a lobe that could hold a nickel, quarter, or something even larger.

Some teens mistakenly believe that the dilated hole will simply return to normal size when they tire of this fad, but that simply is not true.

If done improperly, infection, rupture of the skin, or other complications can occur. The earlobe without the jewelry looks unsightly. Athletic people will need to be ‘okay’ with going without the jewelry and having their ear look ‘out of shape.’

Military recruiters and some larger companies are reporting turning some applicants away due to dramatically gauged ears.

Plastic surgeons are seeing a huge increase in requests for surgical repair of the ear lobes after either the person tires of employment or advancement barriers, or moves on to the next fashion statement.

Teen GaugingTeen gauging the ears is a permanent commitment to a passing fashion (for many), and the permanence of it needs to be stressed before the dilation process is begun.

How often does your teen go out without earrings?

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